Last night in Praha

After enjoying a few beers, we walked across the Charles Bridge and through Old Town Square to enjoy the beautiful Praha sites one last time.



20140713-015636-6996511.jpg We stopped at another Michelin recommended restaurant for dinner. The service and ambiance were adequate. The food was good, but not special in any way.

We started with the recommended dark beer and soups. I had the potato soup and Adam had the goulash soup. Both were served with delicious fresh bread. The potato soup came in a fresh, crispy rye bread bowl (super cute!) and the goulash soup came with a hot, buttered pretzel on top! We would have only ordered one if we had known we were also getting a lot of delicious bread.


For our main course, I ordered goulash with dumplings and potato pancakes and Adam had the wild boar ragu with corn bread. Both dishes were satisfying and homey, but they lacked any pizzazz.



After dinner we walked and enjoyed some beautiful architecture.





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