Michelin guide lunch

We always trust Michelin guide recommendations even for Asian fusion in Prague! We ventured to a kind of run-down area of Prague to visit SaSaZu- a 2014 Michelin Bib Gourmand pick.

The atmosphere and service were great. The food was good, but both Adam and I agreed that every dish was missing an acid component- they seemed sweet, salty, fatty. One note. We wanted some Southeast Asian kick- lime, chilies, vinegar, something. Despite our food snobbery, we really enjoyed our meal- a series of five small plates.

First we had the Yam Yam Soup- shrimp, mushrooms, udon, and cilantro in a kombu broth. It was a little on the sweet side, but it still managed to satisfy our umami cravings.


Then we had the SaSa crispy roll- a blend of tuna and salmon wrapped in lightly fried nori and served atop black sesame and wasabi sauce. An excellent dish! We loved the blend of textures and the sweet- spicy sauce.

20140711-131514-47714346.jpg Next we had Tamarind Duck. It was our least favorite dish- sickly sweet. It would be an interesting dessert.

20140711-131651-47811249.jpg Next we had Red Curry beef and shrimps. Yum! The curry was smooth and creamy with thin slices of beef, green beans, shrimp, and sweet snow peas. Although I would have loved the dish with a few squeezes of fresh lime and some bird chilies, we really liked the dish. The rice was perfectly cooked -the crispy fried shallots on top made it extra special.


20140711-132310-48190570.jpg Finally, we had the Chinese Shawarma. Braised beef short ribs and a grilled slice of foie gras in a fresh pita with mint yogurt sauce and a radish relish. The foie gras was superb. The pita was hot and fresh. The short ribs were tender and oh so unctuous… If only there had been more radish, mint, and sour yogurt to balance the dish. It was so heavy and rich. I had only a couple bites with the mint and yogurt- they were perfect! Sigh :/


20140711-132753-48473008.jpg Whenever we dine at “real” restaurants, I look forward to being surprised by a dish, flavor combo, unique plating or service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often. Today SaSaZu delivered- in overtime- but I’ll accept. My favorite dish came as a last minute desire for caffeine. I ordered the basil coffee. I’ve never had that pairing so I thought I would give it a shot. O. M. G. Amazing! It was served super-cold and creamy. The whipped coconut cream is a revelation. Basil + coffee a new favorite. Wow!




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