The snack I’ve been waiting for

As we’ve walked through Prague, I kept smelling the delicious scent if burning sugar- roasted marshmallow, creme brûlée goodness! I finally figured out what the sumptuous scent belongs to- Trdelnik. Thin dough cooked on a rolling spit over hot coals then rolled in sugar and cinnamon. Whoa baby! 20140710-011956-4796396.jpg 20140710-011956-4796909.jpg 20140710-011957-4797862.jpg 20140710-011958-4798375.jpg 20140710-011959-4799423.jpg After our tasty snack we wondered through the Jewish quarter. Very interesting.


2 thoughts on “The snack I’ve been waiting for”

  1. I talked to Leslie about these yummy pastries. She said she loved them! She also loves Prague and wishes she still lived there.

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