Cafe Lounge

We enjoyed a late lunch/ early dinner at Cafe Lounge. It’s such a sweet cafe, we couldn’t resist going back.

Adam tried the coffee cherry drink. It tasted like coffee-tea, if that makes any sense. I had sweet vermouth with lemon.

We shared the cold cherry smoked rabbit terrine with crispy bread and cranberries. Wow! It was so good. Smoke escaped when we lifted the lid over the terrine- fun and delicious.

For the entree Adam had pan-fried duck breast with spinach, red bell peppers, and herbed polenta in a wine reduction. It was good, but he preferred my dish. I had the veal Saltimbocca with dried lemon, fried sage, and ultra creamy mashed potatoes. It was excellent. I especially loved the dried lemon slices. They were crunchy yet super fresh and zingy- the perfect compliment to the rich veal. I plan to experiment with dried lemon at home 🙂






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