Dinner close to home

It was rainy all day today, so we decided to stay in, rest, and relax. We lounged, read, and watched movies all day:) Finally, we decided to get out of the house, at least for a little while.

We went just down the street to a Chinese restaurant- we’ve both been craving Asian food. Unfortunately, I don’t think our carvings were satisfied :/

We started with hot and sour soup-good. We also had the “fried crab” which we hoped would be crab rangoons- nope. They were battered, fried pieces of imitation crab, ew! Adam had vegetable fried rice and Sichuan chicken. The rice seemed greasy and lightly warmed. The chicken was primarily very salty. It lacked any real flavor. I had the chicken curry fried noodles. They were ok. A little on the bland side, but with some hot sauce they weren’t bad. To drink I had Coke. Adam had Kofola. Then we shared a Mattoni- sparkling mineral water.

Lesson: eat Czech food in Czech. It’s delicious.







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