Bone chapel

For Gary and Aimee’s last day, we headed to Kutna Hora- a Czech must-see tourist attraction.

We had a snack on the way. Grilled steak chips and Kofola- the communist answer to the people’s desire for “capitalist Coke” 🙂 We both really like Kofola. It isn’t as sweet as Coke and it has a pleasant, more herbal profile. Yum!

The church houses the bones of over 40,000 victims of the plague. Monks artfully arranged the bones to honor the dead and to remind us that we are all equal before the throne of God. Personally, I think it’s pretty darn creepy. Inside the church, it was cool and damp and had a very odd, musty odor- eeek!










One thought on “Bone chapel”

  1. Looks like they were trying hard to be creative with their design, but you’re right, that is creepy!

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