More great Czech food!

We enjoyed a great tour of the Budweiser brewery! In Czech Republic they have a zero tolerance law, so no beer for me 🙂

After the tour we headed into the city center to the restaurant our tour guide recommended- well done!

Adam had the beef goulash with two kinds of dumplings. I had the Czech traditional chicken, which was a creamy bacon and mushroom sauce over grilled chicken. I also had a mediocre salad, but most everything was really yummy! Adam had the “beer-beer” and I had the “near-beer”. We love the Czech Republic!







2 thoughts on “More great Czech food!”

  1. Do you have a rental car? Or did one come with the house? I’m assuming driving after drinking is what you mean by the zero tolerance???

    1. We still have the rental car… I included a picture of it in a recent post. Yes, the zero tolerance law means that you can’t even take a sip of beer before driving. In the US up to .08 blood alcohol level is ok, here it is .00. Much easier to know if you should be driving 🙂

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