Off to Munich

We got up early so we could spend a full day in Munich. I made some tasty lemon-garlic hummus yesterday, so I paired it with fresh vegetables and a fruit salad with nectarines, apricots, bananas, and red raspberries I picked in our garden:)




Lunch and castles

After a carriage ride up the mountain to the castle, we took the long hike down to Fussen city center. We had a wonderful lunch at a cafe in Fussen. Adam had the Schnitzel Cordon Bleu- pork schnitzel with ham and cheese fried inside and crisp-fried potatoes. It was really delicious. Rich, but very good. I had the pan-fried trout with steamed vegetables in a lemon cream sauce and crunchy bits of bacon over the top. It, too was excellent. The fish was cooked perfectly- tender and flaky inside, crisp on the outside. Yum!








Post game revelry

After the game (Germany won, 1-0), we headed to the city square. Germans were celebrating as if they’d won the World Cup! We had dinner at a lovely outdoor cafe. I had the large salad of the day with pesto tomato soup. The salad was great. Very fresh and flavorful. The soup was pretty bad- very salty and katsupy. Adam had a steak with fried onions and potatoes. His was delicious! The potatoes were crisp and seasoned beautifully. The steak was tender and juicy! Awesome 🙂






Dinner at home

Gary and Aimee were totally exhausted after the long flight, so we decided to spend an evening at home cooking and watching the World Cup.

I made schnitzel, creamed spinach, and spaetzle with a wild mushroom cream sauce. Yum! It was not nearly as tasty as at German restaurants, but I’m just learning 🙂 We had our new favorite beer with dinner. It’s so good because it is only €1,65 for six 0.5 Liter bottles… LOL!


Funny breakfast

After getting up early to pick up Gary and Aimee in Munich, I made a lovely picnic spread for the Biergarten at the English Garden. I ran out if time for breakfast at home. I made coffee and we hit the road.

We picked them up and headed strait to the English Garden. We had liter beers, sausage, cherries, pretzel, and fresh veggies (sorry not pictured). Delicious, odd, breakfast:)