Bavarian lunch

We found a great Bavarian cafe near the Marienplatz so we stopped for lunch. Great call Adam! We each had a beer, of course.

Adam had the roasted pork knuckle with potato dumplings and sweet and sour bacon-cabbage salad. Wow! The pork was simultaneously tender and as Adam described it, “Strong. Not tough. Strong.” 🙂 It had an awesomely crispy, cracklin exterior and a rich gravy over the tender, mild dumplings. The salad was equally delicious.

I had the veal meatballs with creamy bacon cabbage. So tasty! The meatballs were light and herbal. The cabbage was creamy and porky, but not heavy or greasy. Overall, really delicious Bavarian lunch!








2 thoughts on “Bavarian lunch”

  1. Looks like you are having awesome weather. Everything looks so bright and colorful. The food seems so heavy, are the portions small?

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