Lovely dinner on the Main

Wurzburg was absolutely beautiful! Cobbled streets, Baroque and Rococo architecture all set against the stunning, vineyard-lined Main river valley- it really was romantic 🙂

We had dinner at an adorable restaurant located on one of the oldest bridges in Germany, dating back to Roman times. I had a delightful, bubbly white wine similar to prosecco that the waitress said came from the vineyard across the river. Adam had a cold, refreshing local brew. We shared the house-cured meats platter- liver wurst, blood sausage, salami, land jaeger, smoked ham, and cured ham with light rye bread, gherkins, mustard, horseradish, butter, and raw onion. It was all excellent. I loved the smoked ham and Adam preferred the land jaeger. So much for meatless Monday 😉

P.S. Gas was $8.51 per gallon today. OUCH!









2 thoughts on “Lovely dinner on the Main”

  1. Everything sounds good except the blood sausage. Did you rent the car for the day, or for a week? Dad wants to know what kind of car you have.

  2. You two are so cute. Love your eye makeup Charity it flatters your eyes. The gas price wow! Would’nt want to have to pay that. rediculous!!!!

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