Germany vs Ghana

We rode our bikes into town to watch the Germany vs Ghana game. We planned to go to the Biergarten, but it was totally packed and the bouncer said we needed reservations 😦 Although we were disappointed, every restaurant, bar, ice cream
shop, and cafe was playing the game. We ended up at an Italian cafe on the river. We had a strange pizza with almost nothing on it but pepperoni and Tabasco sauce- weird, a salad, and of course, beer! It was cold outside, so we bundled up in the blankets the cafe had laid out at every table- how thoughtful!

Germany and Ghana tied. The locals celebrated as if they had won the World Cup 🙂 Firefighters set up fireworks over the river to celebrate!







One thought on “Germany vs Ghana”

  1. Daddy said ” the food was nothing to brag about” , but they look like they are having a good time. Looks like the towels are coming in handy!

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