Busy bees

Another lazy, sun filled German morning. I was going to say “I could get used to this”, but the truth is I AM used to this. Work? Schmirk. (Sorry kiddos:)

I enjoyed a sweet, rose scented, hour long breakfast- first at the patio table, then lounging on the deck. Toasted brown bread with butter, salt, and Himbeer jam (red raspberry) with nectarine and blueberry fruit salad. The coffee was tasty, too. All to the soundtrack of nature: birds singing, fountain bubbling, and bees humming!






8 thoughts on “Busy bees”

  1. Love seeing the photos and following you on your exciting trip! The landscape pics, like the one that I believe is from your bike ride, is so pretty! We are totally jealous her in FM! Enjoy!! πŸ™‚

  2. It looks so beautiful there!! Super jealous!! Can’t wait to travel next year with you guys ❀

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