We’re back!

And we’re off… we started this long journey in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. We had a LONG layover, so we decided to venture out of the airport and into the city. Good call! We had lunch at an awesome restaurant called King’s Kitchen – a ministry serving the poor and recovering homeless and addicts. The entire restaurant is run by people in training to become professional chefs, bartenders, and servers. The food and service was impeccable!

We started with good old fashioned Southern sweet tea and pimento cheese served with fresh King’s Bakery sour dough bread… welcome to the SOUTH ya’ll! Next we had the “meat and three” of the day- pan fried chicken with Mac ‘n’ cheese, green beans, creamed corn, and perfect biscuits. Wow! The fried chicken was just like my grandma used to make- light and crispy!  The Mac ‘n’ cheese was oh so cheesy. The creamed corn was fresh and sweet, and the green beans were stewed, rich and porky- just the way my mom likes them 🙂 We wanted to try one of their mile high pies, but we were too full! What a great start to an awesome summer!






3 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. Yep, looks like a meal that I would make. I’ve got to get some fresh green beans and get started!

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