Meal #121: Lunch

We just can’t get enough Asian food…

Adam started with the coconut milk and lemongrass Scottish mussels. WOW!!! It was so good. I was fighting him for bites of his own dish 😉 I started with a very good, but not nearly as amazing buckwheat noodle dish with cilantro and shrimp. For the mains, we both had noodles. Mine were sweet and spicy with cashews and shrimp. Adam’s were more smokey and sweet with both chicken and beef.

Everything was very good, perhaps a bit heavy on the sugar, but when we asked for hot sauce the waitress brought us Tabasco. I love Tabasco. Don’t get me wrong, but it simply DOES NOT belong in Asian food. I needed Siracha or Sambal Oelek, something suitable 😕



One thought on “Meal #121: Lunch”

  1. Wow, it looks and sounds by the description, to be very delicious! I look forward to seeing you soon:) -Mom

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