Meal #108: Lunch

We were on our way Annecy when we spotted this beautiful chateu. We decided to go of the beaten track and find the castle! Good thing we did – it was a restaurant! The setting was spectacular and the food couldn’t keep up 😦

We each started with the salad of the day which was fresh greens with duck prosciutto, foie gras, pine nuts and balsamic vinegarette – excellent! The foie gras was the best we’ve ever had – smooth, buttery, subtle minerals and salt. Awesome! Unfortunately, the entree didn’t stand up to the setting or the salad. It was a pan seared fish (not sure what kind – “zubelette”?), on a bed of finely diced vegetables and dried fruits (why?), and butter risotto. The risotto was totally bland – overly buttery (I know! I didn’t know that was possible!), lacking salt and pepper, and no contrast of flavors. The plate was, however, beautifully and simply presented.



2 thoughts on “Meal #108: Lunch”

  1. Do you realize they force feed the ducks with boiled corn products that have been saturated with fat in order for the ducks to produce the foie gras in their liver? Yuck, yuck, yuck. I’m glad you enjoyed it, you probably won’t find it in the U.S. The animal rights folks have put up a huge stink about it.

  2. Actually, it’s widely available in the U.S. just like all other mistreated animal products. Unfortunately most animals grown for eating in the U.S. are treated in horrifying ways while they’re alive then the sorry flesh is mistreated by wasteful Americans, subjected to gross technological “cooking” mutations (McDonald’s), and finally deposited in landfills… It’s all disgusting. It’s all horrible. That’s why I eat mostly fruits and vegetables, buy grass-fed, free range beef and eggs, organic whenever possible, etc. I feel no guilt eating properly prepared, delicious foie gras. When in France..

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