Meal #46: Dinner

Finally! A great, hot meal! We adventured down the mountain and explored the Super U- a large grocery store in Aigueblanche. We stocked up like real Americans! We were getting lots of funny looks from all the skinny, small basket bearing French customers:) But we didn’t care. We have a large refrigerator (according to European standards anyway) and lots of pantry space. We do not have confident mountain driving skills. We opted to buy enough for a whole week- totally unheard of here.

Anyway, I made a delicious zucchini carbonara with what Adam described as “the cutest pasta of all time”, Epinettes- adorable wheat flower shaped pasta. I also made a green salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, black Nicoise olives and balsamic vinaigrette. It was filling, hot and just what we needed to forget the first couple days here in France. I should not forget to mention that we ate dinner on our deck with the most spectacular view of all time and that the weather is positively perfect. Things are looking up:)




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