Meal #83: Lunch

Grilled duck breast with salad and bread, Amélie's family country house, Rodez, France

This was the best duck I’ve ever had in my life.  It was perfectly rare, but still had a great grilled flavor.  It was succulent, juicy, salty, fatty, incredible!  The salad was good too, as it had lettuce and potatoes from the garden!  Who puts potatoes in the salad?  But so so good.  Thank you François!

White beans with bread and a little more duck, Amélie's family country house, Rodez, France

I had no idea this dish was even coming.  I ate my amazing grilled duck and salad and thought it was the end of the road, but no, François had more in store for us!  She brought out this simple and awesome white bean dish along with more bread and more grilled duck!  The beans were excellent, perfectly cooked with tomatoes and herbs.  And the extra duck was as good as the first serving.  This was just lunch!


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