On to Macedonia 🇲🇰 

We finished all our fruits then hit the road. But first we had to stop at the cafe around the corner for another world famous Kosovar macchiato. They’re truly excellent! These two set us back a whole Euro. That’s right. Just €1!!! After the coffee shop, I couldn’t resist the sweet smell of yeast and gluten… I popped into a bakery and picked three items really quickly. Again, unbelievable prices. All this for just €0.50! We especially loved the sesame “bagel”. It was slightly sweet, yeasty,  the sesame was pronounced and toasty, and pleasantly chewy. Mmmm! This was a light and airy, slightly sweet sesame bun filled with a creamy-crumbly tangy cheese. Excellent. This bread tasted similar to brioche- rich and buttery-sweet. It was filled with Nutella. Very, very good for dessert, but far too sweet for our breakfast tastes. I’m sure most people would love it though. I bought these gorgeous raspberries from a cute little kid along the border. We were waiting in line and he approached the car… I couldn’t resist, especially when he said just €1 for two! I bought four. I always limit myself with red raspberries because they’re so expensive. Tomorrow, I will feast 😍😍Bad picture of the cute raspberry monger at the border. 


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